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We love our variety and that our chips and salsa are free with every entrée purchase.
Our salsa bar is currently closed – we have pre-portioned salsa available at the register, please ask the cashier.

Chili D’arbol

A truly unique sauce made from small dried chilies called chili D’arbol mixed with a delicate blend of pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, cumin, clove and one particular ingredient we’d like to keep secret. Some call it our “Mojo” sauce because…well, we don’t really know why but it sounds cool. 40 cal

Chipotle Salsa

We blend charred tomato puree with chipotle peppers for a rich, smoky flavor that’s a true Willy’s original. You can spot the Chipotle Salsa by its deep red coloring and signature black bits of charred tomato skin. 10 cal

Habanero Salsa

This salsa has the sweet tangy flavor of the Tomatillo Salsa, the rich and smoky flavor of the Chipotle Salsa and the unmistakable zip of the habanero chili – the world’s hottest pepper. Thankfully, we grilled the habaneros to tone down the heat and bring out the pepper’s full flavor. 15 cal

Tomatillo Salsa

Our beloved green sauce is made from tart tomatillos smoothed out with fresh jalapenos, onions and a cilantro. Our Tomatillo has a bright flavor that goes great with meats, especially our steak. 20 cal