It all started with a guy named Willy


One day, Willy left home and went west. Like young people often do, Willy believed journeying away from home would be just what he needed to find himself. However, what he actually found was a love for authentic Mexican food.

It was after feasting in San Francisco’s Mission district (or “The Land of the Burrito Gods” as Willy calls it), that Willy’s true calling hit him in the head like a ton of pinto beans. It was time to take the flavors he had discovered and share them with the world… or at least Atlanta. So, with a head full of tightly-rolled dreams, a little funding, and hardly a clue what the future would hold, Willy opened up his first family restaurant. His mom ran the line, Willy’s passion for fresh flavors ran the menu, and our family of valued employees has kept everything running smoothly ever since.

Today, our passion for incredible food just keeps on growing. With new locations popping up all the time, we’ve been able to spread the gospel of delicious, freshly-made burritos without sacrificing even a bit of quality.


We’re proud to call Atlanta home and staying connected to our community is enormously important to us. Here are a few local partnerships we’re particularly proud about:


Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta
A few highlights of our partnership include raising over $130,000 and sponsoring their annual Salsa Salsa event to support eating right.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve helped ATLFamilyMeal provide over 27,000 meals for unemployed restaurant workers and counting.


Burrito Project ATL
This international nonprofit organization is dedicated to helping feed the homeless. We’ve donated over 400 burritos to their Atlanta chapter.


Giving Kitchen
We raised over $7,000 through our $5 off Taco Box promotion to help the Giving Kitchen provide emergency aid to food service workers in crises.

Green As Our Cilantro

Fresh ingredients require a healthy Earth. We make each of our locations as environmentally friendly as we can and are constantly looking for ways to incorporate green thinking into our business.


Our eco-friendly initiatives include:

Offering unbleached napkins made from recycled materials.

Self-programming thermostats to conserve power.

Tankless water heaters as code permits.

Recycling at locations where permitted.

Installing low-flow toilets and energy-efficient fixtures.

Low-energy, long-lasting light bulbs.

Using recycled box containers (vs. Styrofoam) for our quesadillas and nachos.