March 10th, 2023

Soothe Your March Madness with Willy’s

Spring is in the air, and so are the Ides of March *dun dun DUN*. Just kidding, we’re happy March is here, and you should be too! This month brings us basketball, a day full of luck, and the budding of a new season. There’s so much to be excited for and so many opportunities […]

February 01st, 2023

Love Is On the Menu When You Visit Willy’s This Valentine’s Day

It’s a rare culture that doesn’t consider feeding others a sign of love. On Valentine’s Day, it’s traditional to present that special someone with sweet treats, but there’s no need to overpay for a box of gourmet chocolates or underwhelm with cheap candy hearts. Instead, you can plan for a meal that will send your […]

January 01st, 2023

Build Your Own Bowl for Health & Happiness

In life, there’s nothing better than getting exactly what you want. If you’re looking to customize the contents of your plate without having to cook your own meal, you’re sure to appreciate the many menu options at Willy’s Mexicana Grill that allow you to build your own dining experience, from burritos to bowls to nachos […]

January 01st, 2023

Willy’s at Work in the Local Community

You already know Willy’s Mexicana Grill is the home of Fresh Mex, with authentic, flavorful recipes featuring the fresh, quality ingredients and homemade appeal you hunger for. However, Willy’s wants to do more than just create the delicious tacos, burritos, and nachos customers expect. We’re committed to giving back to the community that supports us […]

December 05th, 2022

Convenient Holiday Catering with Willy’s

The winter season is filled with holiday cheer, thanks to the joys of spending time with family and friends over bountiful meals. Of course, creating meals for large group gatherings can be incredibly stressful, especially if your household plays host for multiple occasions. If you’ve already gone to the trouble of putting up festive decorations […]



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