Community FAQ’s

Q: Does Willy’s have any fundraising options?

A: We do! We have several different fundraising options depending on the type of event and/or organization. We can accommodate silent auctions, raffle giveaways, spirit nights, school partnerships and more! Please email with your detailed request.

Q: How much advance notice is required for a fundraising request?

A: Requests should be made 2 weeks in advance, although we will do our best to accommodate last minute requests. For larger sponsorships, we need at least 3 months in order to get the full value of sponsorship with marketing materials.

Q: Does Willy’s partner with any organizations?

A: While we have smaller partnerships with school organizations and colleges, we partner on a larger scale with the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta, Giving Kitchen, The Burrito Project, and ATLFamilyMeal.


Catering FAQ’s

Q: Do y'all deliver? If so, where?

A: Yes, we deliver to the Metro Atlanta Area, some parts outside the Atlanta area along with Athens, Cartersville, Lawrenceville, and Peachtree City. If there is a question, give us a call to check out!

Q: How much is the delivery?

A: $35 (May vary depending on location)

Q: I used to order for 10 people, what do I do now?

A: We recommend ordering 2 or 3 Willy's Taco Boxes! It's a great way to feed a small gathering and everyone can still build their own tacos. Place your order online at and have it delivered for less cost... bonus!

Q: Can the delivery driver set it up for us?

A: Yes, you can opt for set-up or contactless delivery.

Q: Who cleans up?

A: Clean-up is easy! Everything is disposable and make sure you save the lids in case you have leftovers. Our containers are recyclable and microwave-safe.

Q: Why don't you include chafing stands anymore?

A: Our new packaging is designed to keep the food warmer and is easier to set up.

Q: Do you bill or invoice companies?

A: Sorry, we do not! We take VISA, MasterCard or American Express. We can take corporate checks upon approval.

Q: I just want to pick up my order, is that ok?

A: Absolutely! We currently have 28 locations that you can pick up your order from.

Q: Two chickens, which one do I choose?

A: Sinaloa Chicken is marinated in orange juice and roasted garlic with just a few spices. Adobe Chicken is smothered in Adobe Sauce crafted from roasted Ancho chilies and smoked chipotle peppers, the peppers give it a little more kick!

Q: What do I need to get for my event?

A: All you need to worry about is the table and any decorations you want to add. The plates, napkins, forks and serving utensils come with your food.

Q: I have vegetarians. What options do you have for us?

A: We have lots of options! Our beans and rice do not have any animal products in them, they are made with a veggie base. We also have our delicious tofu as a protein option. Even meat eaters love our tofu!

Q: Can I order the Willy's Food Truck for my event?

A: The Food Truck is currently unavailable. Please call 404-422-7107 to get an update.

Q: This sounds great, how do I place my Catering Order?

A: To place your Catering order, order online or call our Catering Department at 404.422.7107 Online orders require 24 hour notice



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