Food Truck Catering Atlanta

Allergen Info

GLUTEN FREE – With the exception of the flour tortillas and cookies, everything on our menu is gluten free

DAIRY – Found in our cheese dip, sour cream, jack cheese, lite tomatillo ranch and chipotle ranch EGGS – Found in our cookies, lite tomatillo ranch and chipotle ranch

NUTS – Nut-free with the exception of our chocolate chip and white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies (and a few people we won’t mention).

MSG – All products are MSG-free

SOY – Our hard taco shells, chips and tortilla strips are cooked in soybean oil. Our non-GMO tofu contains soy and is cooked with soybean oil. All marinades and oil-based dressings are prepared with canola oil.

VEGAN – You can eat Vegan at Willy, as long as you avoid the meat and items above with Dairy and Eggs. We don’t use lard in any of our recipes and beans and rice are vegetarian.

If there is concern about cross-contamination, our servers are happy to change gloves or utensils upon request.


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